NEW Sand / Gravel Dispensing Machine

//NEW Sand / Gravel Dispensing Machine

NEW Sand / Gravel Dispensing Machine

Drain Tech has just added a self propelled rubber tracked sand/gravel dispensing machine to its extensive range of purpose built, site specific machinery.

Drain Tech director Richard Gloyne, said he is very pleased with the machine’s performance, and looks forward to its widespread use now that initial trialling is complete. The machine is based on a MST 800 Morooka and features hydrostatic drive, forward delivery conveyor and a stainless steel hopper. ” In the past we struggled to deliver backfill materials when working in row crops such as bananas or avocados. With our side delivery trailers the risk of contact with fruit and limbs was always a concern”, Richard said.

The Morooka has the same operating width as the trencher so the total working width of both machines when installing drains is less than 3 metres. This allows single pass pipe laying, grade control and sanding. The rubber tacks and low ground pressure makes the new machine especially versatile in soft ground conditions.

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