Sub-Surface Drainage System

//Sub-Surface Drainage System

Sub-Surface Drainage System

Drain Tech recently completed the installation of a complete sub-surface drainage system for the Sunshine Coast Council at Maroochydore Sports Complex.

The primary oval at the Maroochydore Sports Complex is used by the Maroochy Roos AFL Team and has long suffered the effects of waterlogging and poor playing surface. The design called for a 150mm Ring and Sub Mains and a network of 65mm collectors. The site is prone to inundation due to its location adjoining the Maroochy River. No deep stormwater system was in place, thus the existing network of open drains was used for the 3 outfalls.

The works were commenced on Monday December 10 and completed on January 8 2013. Despite Christmas holiday breaks, the crew worked 7 days a week, ever mindful of the likliehood of summer rainfall halting procedures. All excavated material from the oval was shaped into viewing mounds which created a significant saving in disposal costs for the Shire. Equipment Used Included:Mastenbroek 7/12 Sportsfield Machine. Posi-Track SR80. Aussie-Drain Sanding Chute.


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