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In any soil profile the optimum growing conditions occur when there is a balance between air and water amongst the soil particles.

Intensive pasture systems, orchards and broad-acre farms all have exactly the same requirements. Sub-surface drainage using horizontal perforated pipes is an engineering solution employed to control the air/water ratio in a particular soil type.

Incoming rainfall or irrigation can be controlled so that the beneficial moisture can flow to the crop and the landholder is protected against the negative effects of excess water.

Land Rehabilitation – Bundaberg Sugar Limited

May 31st, 2016|

Drain Tech recently undertook a Land Rehabilitation project for Bundaberg Sugar Limited. The 37 hectare block is located near South Kolan on the Bundaberg-Gin Gin Road and although it had a history of cane production, in recent years cropping had been abandoned due to salinity issues.
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